Let Your Inner Dragon Fly

Ages ago, Japan was called Akitsushima, "Land of Dragonflies" and in the days of the Samurai their armor was often adorned with butterflies to symbolize strength. In rice paddies, an abundance of dancing dragonflies is a sign of pure water and a good harvest to come. It is from this history and lore that TOMBO rises. Distilled from barley and white koji, Tombo offers a lush grain aroma followed by hints of pear and citrus flavors accented by tropical spice and green olive. Learn More

Saké Brewing - Rice Prep For Koji at SakéOne
Saké Brewing - Rice Prep For Koji at SakéOne
Simple Delicious Saké Cocktails
Simple Delicious Saké Cocktails

Kura Blessing/Saké Day Celebration When: 10:00am-4:00pm September 27, 2014 Where: SakéOne, 820 Elm St. Forest Grove, OR, 97116

News Briefs for March 7, 2013

Oregon's Saké Renovation, Revival and Revolution

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